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We Do Generative Art

Meet The Team

We're just a couple of LUNAtics looking to bring Generative Art to Terra - a segment of the market that's still critically underdeveloped.

Having seen the various Terra NFT projects pop up (and disappear) on Terra, we try to be different and avoid overhyping the project with false promises and roadmaps, which puts the risk of execution on our earliest of supporters.

Instead, we're fine with taking things slow, pushing new boundaries, and coming up with interesting mint mechanics for our collectors.

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TerraPrints first started off as TerraFidenza - an hommage to the Terra ecosystem as well as the Fidenza generative art collection by Tyler Hobbs.

We are of the view that

1) Terra will eventually grow to become one the biggest ecosystems in Crypto, and
2) Fidenzas are of the most influential generative art pieces of our time.

It therefore only made sense to marry the two together and capture the evolution of Terra's history through generative art.

The project then evolved to be an exploration of what the Terra community stands for when it comes to copyright infringement.

We're heartened to see the community reject this form of outright plagiarism.

Of course, we too are firm believers in doing things the right way, so we reached out to the original artist of Fidenza - Tyler Hobbs - on potentially licensing his code to make TerraFidenza a reality.

Unsurprisingly, Tyler felt strongly that Fidenza started and ended with the 999 mints on ArtBlocks, and he had no intention of seeing further output from the algorithm.

We fully respect his decision and immediately stopped using the Fidenza code to generate new output.

However, what we were generating seems to have struck a chord with the community with the blend of Terra color schemes as well as the flowy aesthetic of Fidenzas.

We therefore pivoted aggressively and rebranded, moving away from the Fidenza look by ditching many of the characteristic features of the artwork and relaunching ourselves as TerraPrints.

Our offer to pay Tyler a percentage of royalties was declined, so we've instead committed to donate 20% of all mint proceeds in Series (1) to Angel Protocol.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.