Capturing the evolution of Terra through Generative Art

Pioneering Generative Art on Terra

TerraPrints is the first and only Generative Art NFT project on Terra dedicated to the various protocols which tell the story of Terra’s evolution through time.




Unique pieces

Series (1) - Farewell Columbus 4

Distilling culture into a work of Art

Our first series is titled “Farewell Columbus 4” which is dedicated to the 8 different protocols (with actively traded tokens) which were around before Terra was upgraded to Columbus 5.

This captures the simpler times where shitcoins were non-existent, and NFT rugpulls unheard of. OGs will also remember how strategies were straightforward, and it was easy to keep up with all the developments on Terra.

Code as Art

At the heart of TerraPrints is a code which generates all the different artwork. Hidden among the lines of code are modifiers, constraints and surprises - all of which make for very interesting variants.

Because these quirks are determined by interactions between the seed hash and code, we can only influence (but not dictate) the eventual output and final rarity distribution.




Instead of random swirls and eddies, Vortex variants spin gradually towards the center of the TerraPrint, creating a natural and imposing focal point for the viewer.


Lines are constrained to go either vertically or horizontally, resulting in hard 90 degree angles which are in stark contrast to the usual flowy aesthetics of TerraPrints.


Regular TerraPrints have a padding constraint introduced between each line to create the characteristic undulating look. With Overflow, this constraint is removed, allowing lines to overlap each other to the extent of the background being completely eclipsed.